Year 9 Options

Options time is an important point in your education, as it is here that you get to choose some of the subjects that you will study for the next two years. We know that it can be a difficult time because there are a lot of questions that you might have: Which subject is right for me? What if I don’t know what I want to do at all? What subjects will help me get into University? Rest assured that we will help you to make choices about your future learning that are right for you.

This webpage, the options booklet, and the whole options process are designed to make this time less worrying for you. The booklet will help you to start making decisions about your learning and to choose subjects that suit your passions and goals. Before making your choices you should read the information outlined in the booklet carefully, and take the time to research some of the course, and jobs linked to the courses online. You will also find a number of videos on this page that have been created by your teachers to give you a little more detail about the subjects. Please use these videos to support your decisions.

We hope that the information allows you to make the right choices that will see you succeeding over the next two years and beyond.

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