Dear Parent/Carer

Year 11 – What happens next

 We have been asked number of questions recently from many of our students about what happens next over the coming weeks. As you will appreciate our plans are constantly changing to align with government (DFE) guidance and you will all be aware that there are no certainties as we come out of lockdown, which can significantly affect our planning.

This is our current thinking, and this is still subject to change…

GCSE/BTEC Assessments

Firstly, well done to all of Year 11 for the way that they are conducting themselves during the GCSE/BTEC assessment period.  Students will be continuing to undertake their final assessments over the next fortnight which will contribute to their final grades.  At this moment in time staff and students are very much focussed on these assessments and it is important that students continue to attend every day and complete everything asked of them to the best of their ability.  There really should not be any distractions and full attendance is expected to ensure all our students achieve the very best grades possible.  It is envisaged that most of the assessments will be complete by Friday 28th May 2021, but some students may need to complete ‘catch up’ assessments after half term in June.

Celebration event

We obviously want our students to be able to celebrate their time at Thistley Hough and we are still hopeful that the ‘road map’ will enable us to hold an event at Stoke City Football Club.  We have considered the financial implication for families, with regard to money spent on formal dress and vehicle hire etc. and have taken the decision to move away from the idea of a ‘prom’, and instead have a less formal celebration for the Class of 2021.  Currently there is no certainty that a large gathering can occur, so as such Miss Fithern and Mr Garratt will keep both yourselves and the students up to date.

Leaving date

The official ‘leaving date’ for Year 11 students is Friday 25th June 2021, and we have a responsibility to provide education for all students up to this date. Normally, at this time we would be at the beginning of the full GCSE examination period and some students may have spent some time at home if their GCSE courses were complete.  This year however, sees the need for a very different approach and with this in mind we are planning a new timetable of activities to start after half-term.  It is likely to involve some online sessions either working in the Academy or working remotely from home.


We request that all Year 11 students that were issued with Chromebooks during lockdown please return these to school.  If you need to continue to use the device to access the learning and/or enrichment activities, please do not return until Friday 11th June 2021.

Over the coming weeks more information will follow on both the feasibility of a celebration event and the timetable of learning and/or enrichment activities for after half-term.  Government restrictions will guide our planning of a celebration event and ask for your continued support.  Rest assured we will do everything which is feasible to say a safe goodbye to Year 11 2021.


Yours sincerely


Jayne Schofield