Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values – Equity and Ambition for all

At Thistley Hough, we pride ourselves on delivering an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum, enabling every student to be successful, responsible, resilient, confident and skilled young people, who are equipped to make a positive contribution to their city and beyond. Our curriculum intention is to create learners who are articulate, creative, resourceful and independent with a strong moral purpose, who make connections, strive for academic success and personal achievement.

  • Wear the THA uniform smartly
  • Present all classwork and homework neatly
  • Take personal responsibility for their own learning
  • Recognise and celebrate personal achievement and the achievement of others
  • Ensure Everyone can learn
  • Value Everyone’s views and beliefs
  • Treat Everyone politely and with honesty
  • Look after the property of others, the academy and the community
  • Attend school daily and are equipped to learn
  • Arrive on time to school and every lesson
  • Complete all classwork and homework to the best of their ability
  • Make a positive contribution to the academy and the community