Here at Thistley Hough Academy, we are keen to work with our young people and their families, to ensure that any potential barriers to attendance are removed.

Good attendance can promote positive relationships and develop lifelong friendships. It gives students exciting opportunities through the curriculum, school trips and extra-curricular clubs. School prepares them for adulthood by developing communication and social skills as well as striving for excellent academic outcomes for the next step of their journey.

Absence from the Academy

If your child misses 17 days of school across a two-year period, this will negatively impact their progress when in Year 11 by a whole grade.

The Academy, endeavours to ensure that students have access to high-quality teaching and learning and enrichment activities, enabling them to participate in a range of positive experiences, that they will be able to carry forward into adulthood.       

General Absence – Parent/Carer Expectations.

Make sure your child attends every day on time.

Call the Academy on 01782 883500 option 1 to report your child’s absence.

Please try your best to do this before 8.30am on each day of absence.

Provide your child’s name, form, your name, a brief reason for absence and an expected return date.

Medical Appointments

Where possible, routine medical appointments for students should be made outside Academy hours.

If a student has an appointment to attend during Academy hours, the Attendance Team will require evidence of the appointment, i.e., a copy of the appointment letter/card. Please send to

Where possible, students should attend the Academy before and after the appointment.

Holidays during Term-Time

Holidays during term-time will not be authorised and will be referred to the Local Authority to issue a Penalty Notice, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Applications can be made by completing a form available from Main Reception. Once completed please return the form to the Attendance Team.

Please give at least four weeks’ notice. You will be invited into the Academy to discuss the proposed absence with a member of the Attendance Team and an Education Welfare Officer.


If you and your child are experiencing any difficulties with attendance, please get in touch with the Attendance Improvement Team.  

01782 883500 option 2 or via email at

Thank you,

Team Attendance.


Ruth Ingerfield-Lapsley

Assistant Principal – Safeguarding & Attendance

Jo Huxley

Attendance Manager

Joanne James

Attendance Assistant

Tracy Ellis-Austin

Family Liaison