“Happy children are successful children. They work harder and have high expectations of themselves.

We spend time ensuring individual pupils’ well-being. Pupils are not only monitored academically but also closely observed and listened to. We take everything they say seriously and sensitively.”

Great emphasis is placed on pastoral care and Form Tutors are the first point of contact for any issues. Problems are dealt with swiftly and Form Tutors may, in some instances, receive support from the Head of Year who works in partnership with the Student Support and Pastoral Support Team to find positive solutions.

The school has access to a wide range of agencies who offer additional specialist support in areas such as counselling, bereavement and support for young carers.

This year will see the Thistley Hough House System reinstated with four of the original houses back – Doulton, Wedgwood, Spode and Minton. The House System will provide a strong sense of family, support and camaraderie.

Students will remain in the same house throughout their career at Thistley Hough.

School colours will also be awarded this year for the arts, academic excellence, sporting excellence, community involvement and leadership.

The vertical system allows pupils to grow and develop alongside others out of their traditional year group and will foster a sense of community within the school.