Here are some revision tips and memory techniques that will enable you to keep your cool over the study season.

Active revision methods

Active revision is all about using and organising information. Active revision techniques have been shown to be more effective in helping students learn. Think about what helps you to learn. Making notes in your own words is a tried and tested revision technique, condensing your notes into ‘bitesize’ summaries of key points which you are more likely to remember.

Effective revision strategies and memory techniques

Active versus passive revision

Passive revision includes activities such as reading notes or copying material from textbooks. This method will allow you to recognise study concepts but not all students will be able to recall or use them effectively in an exam scenario.

The following passive revision strategies are unlikely to help you engage with large amounts of information:

Keep on going!

Finally, stay motivated! Here are some easy ways to do this:

Following all these tips and tricks will help you master active revision in no time! The more you use and organise information in a way that’s easy to understand, the more you’ll learn from your revision.