Supporting your child

There are also many things you can do to support your child and ensure they have the best possible experience when they come to Thistley Hough Academy. Please see some recommendations below:

  • Encouraging them to have a healthy breakfast before they come to school.
  • Ensuring they arrive punctually to the Academy with all the equipment/kit they need for the day.
  • Monitoring their punctuality/attendance through reports and Parents’ Evenings.
  • Ensuring they follow a healthy lifestyle including the appropriate amount of sleep, exercise, relaxation and study.
  • Checking your child’s planner to ensure homework is completed.
  • Taking an active interest in their individual targets and Personalised Learning Plans where appropriate.
  • Contacting the Academy to discuss progress or difficulties.
  • Support the Academy’s PTFA, extra-curricular activities, presentation evenings and other focused events.
  • Attend parents’/carers’ evenings.

Online Physical Education Resources

Below are a range of Physical Education resources that can be completed in the home either alone or as a family with little or no equipment required.