New Student Principal supports summer school

A fantastic summer school took place over two weeks from 9 – 30 July to help our new Year 7 students settle into school and experience exciting lessons and activities.

It was a fantastic 2 weeks that couldn’t have been achieved without the help of the wonderful Year 10 student volunteers.

Many of the student volunteers got involved to support the school and to be a voice and shoulder for younger students. One volunteer who jumped at the opportunity to put her brand-new role into action was Tilly Davies.

Having recently been appointed as Student Principal, Tilly was keen to take time out of her holidays to actively get involved in the summer school.

Her main role for the two weeks consisted of helping out in the different lessons and making sure all the new students felt safe and secure. As a typically confident person, Tilly was happy to take care of the other students.

It was a great boost for the running of the summer school because it meant she represented the voice of the students and was someone the new students could go to if they have any problems during the week. She was a relatable character for the students who might not have had the confidence to speak to teachers.

As the new academic year is just around the corner, Tilly has already made important school decisions. One of her first responsibilities was to agree on the new term uniform for the Junior Leadership team, including blazers and ties.

Everyone at school was very impressed with how Tilly started her role as Student Principal. During the application process, Tilly wrote an amazing application that showcased why she was the perfect fit.

You can read Tilly’s application and see why she was chosen here: Head Girl application 

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