As Mock Exam season begins here at Thistley Hough it’s natural to feel nervous, so we’ve put together five top tips to help you perform at your best and make the most of this important ‘practice run’ before your actual exams.

  1. Create a plan before you start – when you’ve little time left to revise the key is to not go into a blind revision fury. Take a half hour to work out what topics you need to cover and allot chunks of time to each bit because this will save you time in the long run. Once you’ve worked what questions are likely to come up, jot down key notes on each area.
  2. Use memory tricks – mnemonics can help you to remember key facts and phrases (an example is Never Eat Shredded Wheat for the clockwise order of North, East, South and West) so create some to remember tricky points you struggle to recall or look online for GCSE mnemonics resources.
  3. Remember to take regular breaks and breaks between topics. As a very rough rule of thumb if you’ve been revising for less than 20 minutes your break should be 2 minutes or less, 20-30 minutes – 5 minutes break, 30-60 minutes – 5-10 minutes. If you’ve done a total of 3 or more hours of revision in one day you can award yourself a 45-60-minute break.
  4. Use different revision techniques – answering practice questions, write down notes from memory, make flash cards and revision guides. Some people are very visual learners, so if it helps you put information into spider diagrams, pie charts or watch online video tutorials.
  5. Revise in a designated place – sitting in front of the television with a revision guide won’t get information into your brain, so find a space where you can relax, free of distractions. If there isn’t one at home then look at using another place like your local library. If people know when and where you are working, they will be able to support you in the best possible way.

If you need more help and advice with your GCSE revision then do approach your teachers, form tutor or head of year – and Good Luck!