Healthy Eating Week

This week is the start of Healthy Eating Week which runs from the 14-18 June and the motto of the week is ‘Find your healthier you’.

At Thistley Hough Academy we’re taking part and encouraging our students and staff to make healthier choices that will help to benefit their lifestyles.

What is a healthy diet?

When we think of a healthy diet it doesn’t mean having to eat fruits and vegetables all the time. It’s about finding the correct balance to make sure we feel energised, improve our health and boost our mood.

By being mindful about what we put in our bodies, we can make sure we’re taking care of our overall health and wellbeing. The best way to achieve this is by eating a variety of different foods.

These can be split into 5 main groups, each one giving us different benefits keeping our bodies happy.

Protein- As we get older, we need to add more high-quality protein to our diets to ensure that our bodies function properly. A great example of quality protein is fish, which experts recommend you eat twice a week. This gives us the energy to keep going and effects our mood we’re going to be in for the day.

Fat- There are many different types of fats and the good fats will help to protect important organs like our brain and heart. Some healthy fats we digest come from eating different seeds and nuts which improve our physical and emotional health.

Fibre – It’s important for keeping our digestive system healthy and can help to lower our chances of developing a nasty disease. You can find fibre in wholegrain foods such as wheat breakfast cereals that will fill you up for the start of the school day and can even improve how your skin looks.

Calcium- There are many benefits to having calcium every day. If we want to look after our mental wellbeing, calcium is proven to do this. For example, drinking a glass of milk can help you to sleep better at night. It’s also essential for young people to develop strong bones.

Carbohydrates – This is where we get our biggest source of energy from and most health organisations recommend that 45 to 65 percent of your daily calories should come from good carbohydrates. Healthy carbs help you to digest food more slowly and increase your energy levels.

What can we do to keep healthy?

If you want to learn more about Healthy Eating Week you can visit our website and find out more information at (link to healthy eating landing page)

You can also visit the British Nutrition Foundation to access more useful resources: