Form Tutors

A Form Tutor’s role is central in both caring for students and, crucially, monitoring their progress both academically and socially; encouraging involvement, commitment, and high standards of work and behaviour. The Form Tutor should be active in looking after the interests of the “whole child”

A Form Tutor should

  • Take the register
  • Set the “tone” for the day, by creating a positive ethos
  • Encourage high standards of work, behaviour and dress in students, liaise with the Heads of Year over behavioural problems; look to reward achievements positively and implement, where necessary, appropriate sanctions
  • Promote, maintain and monitor records of attendance and punctuality
  • Actively supervise students in Assemblies. Form Tutors are encouraged to help with leading, organising and to participate in all aspects of the assembly
  • Monitor and review their students’ current progress across the curriculum using all the data provided
  • Keep parents fully involved regarding students’ progress, including curriculum related or behavioural concerns
  • To monitor the progress of students within the form group through discussions with students and staff, through data reports, mentoring and student reports
  • To identify students who need mentoring through analysis, and discussion with the Head of Year making use of the school data management system – paying attentions to groups such as SEN, G & T and FSM
  • To liaise with subject staff and Heads of Department about individual students progress and student reports in conjunction with HOH
  • To check that students are prepared for learning and have the correct equipment and books for the day. To check and sign planners, monitoring of homework
  • Attend weekly pastoral meetings with the Head of Year
  • To plan and implement opportunities for Literacy during form time
  • Engage actively with the Widening Horizons programme.

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