With World Poetry Day on 21 March, we wanted to share the great benefits that can be achieved by expressing yourself through creative writing and poetry.

Whether you choose to share your words with others or not, putting pen to paper and releasing your thoughts and feelings can help to improve your wellbeing and knowledge.

While it may seem a simple step, the advantages can’t be denied. Expressing yourself through written words can help you to:

Improve brain power

While expressing your emotions and feelings throughout creative writing, you can also improve your cognitive learning in a variety of ways. For example, looking for alternative phrases which have the same meaning will help you to expand on your knowledge of the English language. Or when you use certain sentence structures, you may need to reach a specific number of words, syllables or lines which will incorporate an element of maths into your writing.

Achieve self-awareness

Writing out your thoughts and feelings can help you identify the things in your life that are important to you which ultimately make you happy. When you combine your emotions with creative writing you reflect on who you are as a person. This reflection can help you to create goals and improve your self-confidence while understanding who you are as an individual.

Build communication skills

When you write creatively you have the option to build your own universe complete with imaginary characters and settings. Creativity like this can help you to feel empathy and understanding for other people’s situations, allowing you to better communicate with them. Creative writing can also increase your use of words which will help you to better communicate your thoughts and ideas.

Improve your wellbeing

Several research studies have found that creative writing can offer improved mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. It has also been found to reduce stress levels, and alleviate tension, even if you don’t share your creative work with other people. Reduced stress and tension can help you to sleep better, control your weight, reduce illness and recover faster if you are ill, improve both mood and relationships with family and friends.

If you want a way to express your emotions in an anonymous way, you can send your submissions to our WorryBox, where our staff are on hand to support you.

Share your emotions with our WorryBox by emailing – worrybox@thistleyhoughacademy.org.uk