Religious Education

Religious Education at Thistley Hough Academy, encourages students to think critically about a wide variety of religious, ethical and philosophical questions.

RE plays a key role in developing our students into caring, confident, successful adults. This means not only striving for the highest standards of academic success for all our students and equipping them with the key skills for further learning and the world of work, but also providing them with the opportunities to formulate their own sets of values and beliefs about the world we live in.

The RE department aims to ensure that all students are taught to the highest standards and given the opportunities to think deeply about the topics and issues studied in the subject. The department makes a significant contribution to the education of our students, both in terms of high levels of attainment and progress, but also in promoting a range of important skills. RE requires students to develop an enquiring, critical mind in response to the world around them and the many complex issues they will face as members of our society.

Students make outstanding progress in RE and the examination results last year saw a progress 8 score of +0.5 for the department.

In years 7 and 8 we follow the Stoke on Trent Agreed Syllabus, with students starting their GCSE study from year 9.

Year 7

Is there a God?

What is good and challenging about being a teenage Muslim/Buddhist/Sikh?

What was so radical about Jesus?

Should religious buildings be sold to feed the poor?

Year 8

Rites of Passage

Is death the end and does it matter?

Does living biblically mean following the whole Bible?

How can people express spirituality through art and music?

Year 9-11

AQA Specification A which is studied in two sections

Section 1- Beliefs, teachings and Practices

Section 2- Thematic studies including; Relationships and Families, Religion and Life, Religion, crime and punishment and Religion, human rights and social justice

The focus in years 9 to 11 is on Christianity and Islam

If you have any questions regarding your child’s teaching and learning in Religious Education please contact Mrs Hallam the Head of Department