Performing Arts

P4G provides a range of opportunities to study a ‘taster’ of all disciplines: Drama, Dance, Music or Design. You are taught to study in a vocational way where you learn through practical work and ‘hands on’ experiences. This style prepares you for studying the BTEC qualification in year 10 and 11.

Alongside your practical work you produce a portfolio to evidence your understanding and knowledge. Portfolio work can be presented individually, in a range of ways: reporting, workshops, working logs, evaluations, skills audits, recordings, live performances, letter writing, scriptwriting and labelled images or diagrams.

Studying performing arts develops skills in creativity, performance and evaluation and is project led. After each project you evaluate and re-apply skills whilst learning new ones in order to improve to the best of your ability whilst being challenged. In music you choose an instrument to learn and have both practical and theory lessons to build performance skills as well as the technique of your instrument.

Year 8 offers you the same experience alongside dance, drama and design sessions to give a wide base of skills across the disciplines. Each discipline complements the other in order for projects to be integrating skills that you have gained since year 7.

Portfolio work accompanies the practical, again, to evidence your evaluation and understanding of the techniques used. In year 9 develop all of your previous skills and develop these further giving you tasters of GCSE level work to both challenge you and support Option choices for year 10.

Extra-curricular activities include clubs, performances, theatre visits, music lessons, creative opportunities, festival performances, and preparation for auditions / interviews.