So many of the world’s current issues, both at global and local scales, boil down to geography. Global warming as it affects countries and regions, food and energy security, the spread of disease, the causes and consequences of migration and the impacts of economic change on places and communities. Therefore there is a need for geographers of the future to help us understand and combat these issues.

The Geography Department enables a variety of teaching and learning approaches. This exciting and relevant course studies geography in a balanced framework of physical and human themes and investigates the link between them.

Students will travel the world from their classroom, exploring case studies in the United Kingdom, higher income countries, newly emerging economies and lower income countries. Topics of study include climate change, poverty, deprivation, and the challenge of sustainable resource use. As well as natural hazards, extreme weather, ecosystems and physical landscapes in the UK. Students are also encouraged to understand their role in society, by considering different viewpoints, values and attitudes.


During KS3, learners explore a variety of issues in a geographical context and acquire a variety of geographical skills and competences including; place, space, scale, interdependence, physical and human processes, physical and human processes and cultural understanding and diversity.

Year 7

Term 1 – Weather and Rivers

Term 2 – Settlement and Map Skills

Term 3 – Africa

Year 8

Term 1 – Hazards

Term 2 – Population and Urbanisation

Term 3 – India

Year 9

Term 1 – Development

Term 2 – Ecosystems

Term 3 – Skills and Fieldwork


Moving into KS4 Geography, students will be expected to carry out wider reading to ensure thorough understanding of places and contexts of physical and human interactions. A number of skills will be developed in Geography which will enable learners to become well rounded independent individuals. Learners will develop reference skills by obtaining and interpreting information in a variety of ways. Such information develops the learner’s ability to give meaning to data. Another skill that will be enhanced in geography is communication teaching students to present information in a clear way through both written and oral communication. Geography gives learners the opportunity to further develop their range of ICT skills as well as their problem solving skills which gives them the ability to enquire, think clearly and constructively to make decisions based on evidence.