At Thistley Hough Academy we pride ourselves in endeavouring to keep our students safe from harm, whether that be in school, at home or in the community.

We are very fortunate to have an in-house school counsellor four days per week.  This support is invaluable for students, either as a long-term support mechanism or short-term intervention.

We work closely with external partners in ensuring the right support and prevention is in place, not just for the child but the family too.  We have strong links with the external agencies and can provide a range of support for your child.

Some of the agencies we work closely with, to support our students and their families include:


Catch 22


Dizzy Heights

New Era


School Health

Youth Offending Service

We are aware that there are more and more young people who identify as Young Carers.  We are working really hard to identify new Young Carers and putting support in place for our existing YC community.  This support includes group get-togethers, trips and support networks in the Academy and within the community.

Parents can contact the Safeguarding Team directly on 01782 883551.

The safeguarding team are:

Lorrice Mawson – Vice Principal – Culture & Ethos
Ruth Ingerfield-Lapsley – Assistant Principal – DSL & Safeguarding
Kelly Whitfield – Associate Designated Safeguarding Lead
Chloe Hobson – Safeguarding Officer