Celebrating International School Library Month

At Thistley Hough Academy we’re encouraging students to get more involved in reading this month in celebration of International School Library Month.

The theme for this year focuses on “Fairy Tales and Folk Tales Around the World”, and it’s perfect for encouraging students to visit their own school libraries.

There are many types of fiction and nonfiction books to browse in our library to help students get lost in a good book.

Reading is a great way to improve vocabulary and is built into the school curriculum. Our English classes allow students to develop critical reading skills by studying a range of texts from different historical and social backgrounds, depending on their school year. Some of the exciting texts students will have the opportunity to study at Thistley Hough Academy include:

All texts are from a range of genres, from poetry to drama, and more, it’s important to allow students to start reading different texts to aid their development. School libraries are a big part of supporting them in this process.

The library is a fantastic place for students to let their imagination run wild. There is a certain magic to the library that unlocks creativity. When you enter the library, you are surrounded by books piled high from different places around the world.

By reading a variety of texts, students are able to develop their worldly knowledge because books allow you to experience different country’s cultures. It encourages students to challenge existing stereotypes in the world and helps them to form their own opinions about what it means to be inclusive in society.

Fun fact: The largest libraries in the world are the Library of Congress in Washington D.C and London’s British Library which hold an incredible 170 million items from almost every language and faith group in the world.

Reading also teaches students about how they learn and encourages them to embrace the different learning styles. Whether they are a Literal, Visual, Kinesthetic or Auditory learner a school library has a variety of materials to support them.

We aim to help all our students to make sure they are constantly developing their reading skills, so they can become perceptive communicators who are able to read with a high level of technical accuracy.

If you’d like to your read more, we’ve listed below the nearest local libraries which have a great selection of books for you to borrow.

Stoke Library

City Central Library

Clayton Library

Bentilee Library

Longton Library

You can learn more helpful information about our school curriculum at: https://www.thistleyhoughacademy.org.uk/curriculum/ and if you want to find more details and resources about International School Library Month, visit: https://iasl-online.org/ISLM.