Dear Parent/Carer


Half Term / Important Information for Year 11


An Exceptional Year Group in Exceptional Circumstances


I write to remind you that the half term holiday will commence on Monday 31st May 2021. The Academy will reopen to students on Monday 7th June at 8:15am in good time for the start of lessons at 9am.


I also wish to inform you that Year 11 students will finish compulsory face-to-face education on 11th June 2021. This ‘final straight’ from 7th – 11th June will be time spent finalising any outstanding assessments and preparing for their next steps after Thistley Hough Academy. This may include some additional curriculum work from individual subjects, post 16 support from local colleges, celebration events, mentoring from Stoke City and National Citizenship courses.


This year has been challenging for everyone at Thistley Hough, not least for our Year 11 students who have spent most of the year preparing for GCSEs in a climate of uncertainty. With this in mind, we want to finish with a smile, with a traditional ‘Leavers Assembly’ on 11th June. The following weeks, 14th – 18th June, and 21st – 25th June, online learning will be provided by post 16 providers and any additional resources which subject areas can provide. It is an expectation that all students engage with this to support students transition to the next stage in their educational journey, and to assist with a smooth transition to post-16 learning. We will however, provide in school learning for those students who would like, or need, this provision within the building. Please contact the Academy should you need any further information in this regard.


Further information and guidance for the final weeks at Thistley Hough Academy


Face Masks

Further to my letter dated 14th May 2021, I can now advise that students will no longer be asked to wear face coverings whilst in the Academy. Let us remain positive that we will not have to readdress this further and we can continue on our road map closer to normality. Please note that if your child prefers to continue wearing a face mask moving forwards, this will obviously be supported.


Free School Meals

During the half-term break, students will still receive their entitlement to a free school meal in the form of a voucher, which will be issued direct to parents/carers via Wonde.

Finally, please could I request that you contact the Academy on 07817 840444 if your child tests positive for Covid-19 during half term. This is a dedicated line for

reporting any confirmed cases and will ensure that we can continue to act quickly and follow guidance from Public Health England. Should your child develop symptoms during the half term break or come into close contact with anyone who has tested positive with Covid-19, please be reminded to follow the appropriate guidance regarding self-isolation. Your child should not return to school if they have symptoms (until tested negative), OR if they have had close contact with anyone who has tested positive with Covid-19.

As ever, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all students, parents/carers and staff at the Academy for the fantastic way in which you have all relentlessly risen to the challenges that have been presented during this academic year. The differing regimes, systems and procedures have been far from ‘normal’, and I would particularly like to mention how exceptionally well our students adapted to the changes throughout.


We will remain in contact with all parents/carers should there be any further changes in government guidelines as we navigate through this unusual time, but in the meantime, I would like to wish you a pleasant half term break and to thank you all for helping to keep Covid-19 cases to an absolute minimum within our Academy.


Yours sincerely


Jayne Schofield