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In January 2013 the government launched a new initiative to provide additional funding to schools for each Year 7 student who did not achieve at least level 4 in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum tests in reading and/or mathematics.

The purpose of this funding is to enable schools to deliver additional support, such as individual tuition or intensive support in small groups, for pupils who need it most.

In the academic year 2015/16, we received £21,000. This funding is used to support the students in year 7 in order to assist in bringing them quickly up to speed so that they are able to fully access the curriculum and reach their full potential at school.

The nature of the support for these students includes the following:

  • An extended transition period in joining the academy – all Year 6 students are welcome to join us for the final weeks of the summer term and first weeks of the summer holidays.
  • Additional mathematics and English lessons on the curriculum to accelerate progress
  • A trained librarian who delivers literacy catch-up sessions.

Year 7 Catch up Premium Documentation

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CUP Evaluation AY15-16