Weekly Newsletter – Thistley Hough Bank

Dear Parent/Carer

Thistley Hough Bank

At Thistley Hough Academy, we believe that it is vital that all students gain a greater understanding of banking and finance. All students should leave the Academy having developed high levels of financial literacy, enabling them to access financial services with confidence in the future.

From September 2016, students in Year 7-10 have been encouraged to open a savings account with a local building society – The Hanley Economic. Students are actively encouraged to save throughout their time at the Academy, in order to ensure that they have financial ownership of their future. Our business partner, Novus Property Solutions, has very generously constructed an in school branch, as well as donating £1 per account opened.

As well as supporting the students to become regular and active savers, there are various activities and events that support the development of financial literacy, which is delivered through our PSHE curriculum. The Personal Finance Education Programme has been developed with the support from England Illegal Money Lending Team, who have kindly donated resources and funding to drive this project forward.

A member of staff from The Hanley Economic is in school every Thursday lunchtime so that students can deposit money into their savings accounts. If your child is yet to sign up for their account, they can visit the in school branch during this time to receive the necessary paperwork. Should you have any questions, or wish to receive further information, please contact the Academy on the number listed above.

Yours sincerely

Holly Hartley