Weekly Newsletter – Important Information

Dear Parent/Carer

Important Information

Student Safeguarding

To ensure that as an Academy we continue to safeguard our students to the highest standard, students are to have left the Academy premises by 5.00pm each evening Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and by 4.30pm on a Wednesday and Friday. Students should only be on site after the end of the normal school day if they are attending an after school club or are involved in IT activities on the mezzanine. Year 11 students are to attend Period 6 classes with their teachers, or staffed sessions in Room 220.

Health & Hygiene

It is important in continuing to maintain a school environment that is hygienic and free of anything that may cause illness or endanger students in any way. A clean and healthy environment is one in which students are less likely to get sick and take days off school as a result.

One of the most important ways to reduce the spreading of bacteria is hand washing. Please encourage your child to wash their hands on a regular basis, in particular after the use of the lavatory.

Internet Safety

Please find attached a guide for parents on keeping your child safe online. The booklet ‘Your Child’s Online World – A Guide for Parents’ offers some simple guidance about the risks your children might face online, some advice about what you can do to keep them safe, and where you can go for more help and support.  It can also advise and support you on setting up parental controls, adjusting privacy settings, understanding social networking and more.

At Thistley Hough we are committed to ensuring our students are safe online and have a filtering mechanism at the Academy where we can track the students’ internet history and take necessary action should they be using the internet inappropriately. Please discuss this with your child and should you have any queries or concerns please contact Mr Sanders, Assistant Principal.

Healthy Outdoor Project (HOP)

Following a recent successful Lottery Funding Bid, we are pleased to announce that a grant was awarded to the Academy for £10,000. As a result, six pieces of fitness equipment have been installed on the outdoor games area at the Academy. These include a leg press, press-up and dip frame, a stepper, hip twister, bench press, and air skier and walker. The HOP will be used by students, staff and local primary schools. It is planned that this facility will be open for use by members of the local community in the very near future. Full details will follow in due course.

Thank you for your continued support for Thistley Hough Academy.

Yours sincerely

Holly Hartley