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The student council is made up of different students from across all years. The application process involves writing a formal letter and completing a series of tasks. The student council structure includes the senior team who occupy the officer positions including Chairperson and Curriculum officer. The younger members make up the lay group. This group focuses on pupil liaison and engagement.

The student council takes part in regular events both within school and in the wider community. The student council produced a DVD called “The Six Towns Of Stoke-On-Trent” in line with the City Council developments and as a result of a community meeting with local stakeholders. The DVD promoted diversity, tradition and creativity within Stoke-on-Trent. The DVD was adopted as an official resource by Stoke-on-Trent City Council in promoting diversity, and the student council undertook a tour of local schools in order to promote the DVD. The student council have been asked to produce a second film examining participation in council events and accessing groups, with a focus on involving young people more in City Council activities.

The student council has taken part in a number of teaching and learning activities in order to secure improvement within subjects and pastoral areas. The student council assisted in the planning, organisation and delivery of the Thistley Hough Reunion event. The group were instrumental in the decision making process of the new building. The student council hosted a question time event with the former Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg MP and local MP and now current Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt. The student council provide a presence at evenings, options evening and information events.

The student council are identified from their yellow crest badges and yellow lanyards.