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In Summer 2013 Thistley Hough Academy set out to turn the school motto into a song that could be used for events and occasions. Once the song was complete the pupils and staff had the chance to record it at a local recording studio.


Chanice Douglas, Alisha Key, Natasha Hill, Lily Sunter and Milly Redfern on Vocals, Josef Samko on Keyboard, Zoe Jones on Guitar, Aliza Ayyaz and Jasmine Clark on Percussion and Sam Ogden on Drums

Featuring Miss Haslam on Bass, Mr Holdcroft on Guitar and Mr Hargreaves on Keyboard.


We are the future of the nation
We can do every occupation
Now is the time to put this together
And be united now and forever


My open eyes desire the truth
Get up and reach your goal
My open eyes desire the truth
Stand up and take your role
My open eyes desire the truth
Be what you wanna be
My open eyes desire the truth
Just let yourself be free


Let’s come together and be a team
We can all follow all of our dreams
If we pull together through thick and thin
All of us at Thistley Hough will definitely win