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Here at Thistley Hough Academy we are proud to say that our RE, PSHE and Citizenship Curriculum is delivered in a secure and welcoming environment that enables pupils to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society, encouraging our pupils to play a positive role in not only contributing to the life of the Academy but also the wider school community.

The diversity of cultures at the Academy is celebrated, developing pupils’ self-worth and teaching pupils what it means to be a positive member of our diverse multi-cultural society. Pupils are encouraged to understand the principles of democracy and society, respecting the law and encouraging others to do so.  Central to this is the development and understanding of tolerance and respect for others, developing a clear set of values and attitudes that encourages pupils to treat all people as equal.

Thistley Hough is a member of the Healthy Schools Scheme which encourages and promotes among our school community the development of healthy life styles.  Having achieved the quality kite mark for IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) in 2011, we are proud to celebrate our pupils passion for learning to work and try hard, developing varied abilities amongst our school community and setting achievable targets for all of our pupils. Nationally the IAG quality standards have been revised and we are currently going through the accredited process of been reassessed against the new quality standards.

RE at the Academy is delivered through a variety of teaching and learning models.  Dedicated timetabled sessions are delivered per fortnight to pupils in years 7-11 with a 0.5 GCSE at the end of year 10. Other models include weekly Senior Leadership assemblies delivered to all year groups. Morals and ethics are delivered cross curricular through science, history, PE and geography.

Thistley Hough Academy also provides the opportunity for religious practice by providing a quiet room for religious inclusion.

PSHE at the Academy is also delivered through a variety of teaching and learning models. Cross- curricular activities involve staff in the planning process, sharing specialist knowledge and good practice. PSHE topics are also delivered through dedicated curriculum time in departments, and collapsed timetable days. This particular model allows for and ensures that all pupils in the relevant year groups receive key important information at the same time, for example UCAS College/Post 16 applications, year 9 options, Health Days e.g. Cyber Bullying and Personal Safety. The Career Club operates each lunch time, focusing on a different year group each day, for example pupils from year 10 have are actively engaged in Young Enterprise.

In addition key messages and learning outcomes are achieved for pupils through representation as Prefects, School Council members, Student Focus Groups, Student Bullying Buddies, Student representation on the UHNS (University Hospital of North Staffs Health TEC Board, and the whole school House System.

Thistley Hough is proud to say that we are members of Business Class (Business in the Community) which is a key partner in helping us to ensure our pupils are fully prepared for the world of  further and higher education, work and training.