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On May 21st, 2015, we underwent an OFSTED monitoring inspection. Monitoring inspections are conducted in schools and academies that ‘Require Improvement’ in order to ensure that senior leaders are ‘taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement’. The full version of the report can be downloaded here.

Here are some of the key points pertaining to the good progress that the academy is making:

  • ‘Together with your senior leaders you have passionately continued to drive improvements to teaching and learning in the academy and to take decisive action to ensure that the underachievement seen in the past stops.’
  • ‘…all teachers have a clear understanding of your high expectations for teaching in your academy.’
  • ‘Senior leaders and governors are better able to see the impact on achievement of these improvements to teaching through thorough monitoring. Information provided by academy leaders indicates that achievement is set to rise and the academy is indicated to be on track to be above the floor standard.’
  • ‘Underachievement is identified at the first sign of progress slowing and subject leaders identify gaps in learning and work to address these areas.’
  • ‘Self-evaluation processes are thorough and this information is used to revise the academy improvement plan which is reviewed and updated on a weekly basis.’ 

The report from Denah Jones, HMI, accurately summarises the good progress that the academy is making; we are all working tirelessly to ensure that Thistley Hough improves on a daily basis so that we will be graded as at least ‘Good’ at our next full inspection.


Click the link below to see the official OFSTED report for the January 13-14th full inspection (PDF viewer required).

Download January 13-14th Report