Message From The Chair of Governors

Dear Parents and Carers

Message From The Chair of Governors

Student Attendance

You will be aware that it is very important for all students to attend lessons regularly if they are to make good progress and achieve good grades.  Members of the Governing Body regularly monitor patterns of attendance and are very pleased to see the excellent attendance records of many students.  We would like to thank the parents and carers of those students and ask for their ongoing support in ensuring continued good attendance.

However, Governors have recently raised concerns about the poor attendance of a number of students whose attendance is patchy and who miss the odd days here and there, for no good reason, and which over a period of time can result in a considerable amount of missed work.  There is very clear evidence to indicate that students, who do not attend regularly fall behind quickly, find it difficult to return to normal patterns of attendance and do not achieve the grades that reflect their ability.  In addition, poor patterns of attendance do not set a good example for future employment.

Governors are asking parents and carers of these students to work with the Academy to improve attendance to a high level by:

  • being very clear that attendance at every lesson, every day,  is important
  • not allowing their son/daughter to take time off unless they are genuinely ill
  • contacting the school if they wish to discuss problems relating to attendance

Of course we recognise that at times students are absent because they are genuinely ill and in these circumstances, we will do all we can to ensure that students can catch up on missed work so that they do not fall behind.

I hope that you will support the Academy in working towards 100% attendance of all students.   Please see the Academy’s Attendance Policy for further information, which can be found on our website at

If you wish to discuss any matters relating to attendance please contact Miss Jo Huxley.

Yours sincerely

Gill Howland


On behalf of Thistley Hough Local Governing Body