School Govenors

Message from the Chair

On behalf of all members of Thistley Hough’s Local Governing Body, I would like to welcome you tothe Academy’s website and invite you to find out more about this wonderful place of learning.

Thistley Hough Academy has recently been judged by Ofsted to be a good school with outstanding features. Our students make excellent progress, are well supported and happy in their work, and are given opportunities to stretch themselves, to try out new experiences and to achieve to the best of their ability.

Please take some time to read our Ofsted report and to look at the wide range of opportunities we offer. There is plenty of information on the website, but if you have any questions or would like to find out more please come along to one of the Academy’s open days or contact us.

The Governing Body is proud of the Academy’s excellent facilities and dedicated and highly skilled teaching and support staff. Most of all, we are proud of our students and what they achieve both in school and in the wider community. Over the past year we have strengthened our links with various community activities and groups, for the benefit of all, and we will continue to build on this as Thistley Hough Academy is increasingly recognised as an important part of the local community.

The academic year seems to move round very quickly and it’s incredible to think that we are already at the beginning of the summer term. This is a very important term, not only for our students who will be taking external examinations, but for every student, as it is the time to review and consolidate learning over the year, and to prepare for end of year examinations .

It is also a critical time for students who are making decisions about what to do when they leave school and it is important that parents and carers understand that all members of the Academy’s leadership team and teaching staff are there to offer help, advice and support.

Some students will be making decisions about subject choices for the year ahead and staff are on hand to help with this. The Governing Body is absolutely committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum for all students, and to ensuring that every individual student has the support that he or she needs to do the best that they can. I hope that parents and carers will seek advice and support from the Academy if they have any questions.

Our Academy is growing and this year we have seen a significant increase in the numbers of students making Thistley Hough their first choice secondary school. We have been developing our links with local primary schools and we are delighted with the support and involvement we have received from our primary colleagues. Good links with primary schools will help to ensure that the move from primary to secondary school goes smoothly so that students have an excellent start to their secondary education.

All members of the governing body play an important role in working with Thistley Hough’s Leadership Team and our Sponsors, Creative Education Trust, to offer outstanding learning opportunities and experiences . Together, we are determined to offer the best possible education for every individual student and our journey over the last few years reflects this. Please do not hesitate to contact the Academy should you wish to find out more.

Yours sincerely

Gill Howland

Chair, Thistley Hough Local Governing Body

Chair, Thistley Hough Academy Local Governing Body

The Local Governing Body (LGB) for Thistley Hough Academy:

Non Governors

  • Catherine Reid – Vice Principal
  • Jayne Schofield – Senior Assistant Principal
  • Heather Hodges – Senior Assistant Principal
  • Neil Donlan – Assistant Principal
  • Darren Sanders – Assistant Principal
  • Amanda Dennison – Assistant Principal
  • Ian Brailsford – Assistant Principal
  • Julie Evans – Operations Manager

The LGB will meet once per half term on a Wednesday evening. The Sub Committee’s will meet as follows,

The Academic Performance and Co-curricular Committee will meet once per half term.
The People and Premises Committee will meet once per half term.
The Behaviour Committee will meet once per term.
The Confidence and Community Committee will meet once per term.
The Chair of the LGB, can be contacted in writing via Mrs Claire Holmes, Clerk to the LGB.