Reports and Data


The OFSTED framework and the Department for Education have this year introduced new performance table measures. There is now a great emphasis on progress rather than attainment only. The key headline measure is now Progress 8, replacing the previous attainment measure of 5 A*-C including English and mathematics.

We at Thistley Hough Academy firmly believe in measuring success by the progress every single student makes across all of their subjects. This is a measure of the value we add during the students’ educational journey with us, regardless of their ability.

If you would like to compare our results nationally please use the Compare School Performance Service.

Progress data:

Progress 8 measures the difference between what a student achieves in their subjects and what national benchmarks require them to achieve. A score of zero indicates expected progress has been made. A score below -0.5 is regarded as below the national floor standard.

This year we are proud to announce that our academy has secured a positive progress 8 figure of +0.14 which means that, using the Government’s preferred measure of school performance, our students, on average, make greater progress than expected in every one of their 8 subjects.

Attainment data:

The Academy secured an Attainment 8 score of 41.67 points.

The Academy secured an A* – C including English and Mathematics percentage of 52%, which is a 7% increase on the 2016 cohort.


Other highlights from 2017 results:

ALL students left the Academy with at least 5 GCSE passes including English and Mathematics

  • Students make strong progress across most of their subjects from their starting points and particularly in a wide range of Modern Foreign Languages, Art, Sport, and Child Development.
  • 17% of students secured the Ebaac qualification at 4+, an increase on last year.
  • 73% of students secured at least one A/A* grade – an increase of 29% on 2016.
  •  19% of students secured at least three A/A* grades
  • Over 60% of ICT students made expected progress with 32% exceeding this 
  • 29% of Students were entered for Ebaac, with 13% achieving a Strong Pass and 17% achieving a Standard Pass.

NB.Attainment measures such as “A/A*” include all equivalent grades on 9-1 scale and BTEC subjects.

Bamber Scholars:

This year saw the introduction of our prestigious Bamber Scholar Awards, named after Thistley Hough’s first ever Principal – Miss Agnes Bamber.

These awards are to recognise academic excellence to ensure that students in year 11 strive to achieve outstanding results across their subjects. Each year the Bamber Scholars will be invited to an alumni meal at the Academy to meet up and share successes with all previous Scholars.

To be designated a Bamber Scholar a student needs to secure 6 or more A/A* grades in their final exams. Any student who secures all A/A* grades will be appointed a Bamber Scholar with Honours.

This year 9 students became our inaugural Bamber Scholars, an outstanding accomplishment:

Bamber Scholars:

Riem Issam Ibrahim           Hameara Saeed        Katie Leigh Fisher   Hamna Waseem

Emily Michelle Corne          Halimah Malaikah-Safah Riaz

Rabiyah Maymunah Saher                         Jessica Anne Scragg             Alonso Everest