Design and Technology - Thistley Hough Academy

Design and Technology is phenomenally important subject. Logical, creative and practical, it’s the only opportunity students have to apply what they learn in Maths and Science.” Sir James Dyson.

Design Technology at Thistley Hough Academy demands high exceptions of all students that enter the workshop. The department believes in driving independent learning and places it at forefront of students’ success, empowering them to take the lead and make progress.

In lower school we follow the CET programme, using the key concepts of; structure, pattern, meaning, performance, human interaction and practice. These concepts are recognised by educationalists, universities and employers as characteristic of successful employees, responsible citizens and resourceful adults.

All students complete five projects during years 7-9 and cover a vast range of skills and knowledge. These projects include:

  • Simplified Shape in 3D
  • Illuminate Shape
  • Meaningful Machine
  • A Performance Product
  • Mini GCSE

Throughout the projects students will learn how to use both traditional hand tools as well as more modern CAD/CAM skills. As a result of this students become more creative and make their own decisions when completing the mini GCSE. All students build a comprehensive knowledge of design and communication skills, learn about different materials and a range of manufacturing processes.

Whilst not every student will leave Thistley Hough Academy as a designer or engineer, it is vital that they understand the importance of high quality and well manufactured products as one day they will be consumers.

It is also our responsibility that all students are educated to make the right choices in later life and understand the importance of sustainability and ethical issues and the impact materials can have on the environment and society.

We are also part of STEM Learning and we are fortunate to receive regular input from a STEM ambassador who comes to the academy to deliver engineering challenges and provide the students with further expertise in this area.