Curriculum - Thistley Hough Academy

Curriculum 2019-20

At Thistley Hough our curriculum is rigorous and knowledge led, as such we build our curricula on the key knowledge that students need in order to master subject content. We do this through identifying the knowledge and skills that students are required to master in order to be successful at GCSE and tracking these back across the 5 years that students are with us.

In doing this we priorities depth of subject knowledge, enabling students to gain a broad understanding of each subject area. All pupils secure firm foundations in English and mathematics and this underpins excellence in other subject disciplines.

Regular assessments and interventions are structured to ensure that pupils are supported to build upon their strengths and overcome their challenges.

Our students study a broad range of subjects at Key Stages 3 and 4. Whilst we continually support our students through high quality personal development and careers guidance programmes.


Y7, 8 & 9

  • All students get at least 7 hours a fortnight of mathematics
  • All students get at least 8 hours a fortnight of English
  • All students get at least 7 hours a fortnight of science


Y10 & 11

In years 10 and 11 we offer a full range of academic and vocational programmes with a particular emphasis on achievement at GCSE.

  • Most students in KS4 are following an academic GCSE based curriculum with the large majority having access to the English Baccalaureate.
  • Some students undertake 3 separate science GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics and the rest are working towards the Combined Science Award.
  • Students chose geography or history in year 10 to give them sufficient time to achieve well at GCSE.
  • A free option allows students to opt for a full course in a wide range of subjects including RE, computer science, technology & art, amongst others.
  • All students in Y10 & 11 are working towards GCSE in both English Language and English Literature.
  • This curriculum is also designed to maximise the achievement of GCSE grades at 5+ including English and mathematics.
  • All students get 3 hours of physical education a fortnight



Personal, Social and Moral Education including citizenship is a strong theme across our curriculum.  Students learn about and discuss issues such as health, relationships, sex, life skills and their place in society.

The academy makes extensive use of ICT.  The academy has state of the art technology facilities and achieves very high standards in technology.

We have exciting and engaging extended schools and enrichment programmes.  These include extra-curricular classes, trips and visits and special events.  We provide residential and personal development experiences and opportunities for young people to participate in their local community and a comprehensive programme of after-school clubs and activities.  ‘Widening Horizons Days’ when the regular academy timetable is suspended, provide scope for extended project-based learning in real life contexts.


For further information regarding the curriculum please contact: Mr Alex Laney