Computer Science - Thistley Hough Academy

In line with the changes to the national curriculum in 2014, Thistley Hough Academy has adjusted our Computing curriculum to accommodate the need for Computer Science education.

Computer Science is the study of how a computer operates: the components that constitute a computer, how a computer understands the messages a user sends, the language that a user can use to communicate with a computer (programming).

From year 7, Thistley Hough pupils study this subject with the option of taking GCSE Computer Science in year 10. Below are some of the topics that a Thistley Hough pupil will study during their time at our academy:

Year 7

Introduction to Computer Science (converting between denary and binary).

Introduction to programming – Scratch.

Year 8

Introduction to web design

Programming continued

Year 9

Representations of data (Revision of denary, binary and binary arithmetic)

Advanced web design

Programming – Python