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At Thistley Hough we have brought back the house system put in place by our founding headmistress Miss Bamber. All students and staff have been assigned to houses named after local pottery manufactures Doulton, Minton, Spode and Wedgwood.

Each house has a member of staff leading it as well as a student leadership team consisting of a Ks3 and Ks4 house captain, 4 vice captains and a number of house representatives who are responsible for coordinating events and competitions.

Students can earn points for their houses in a number of ways. House points are awarded in every lesson for positive attitudes to learning and achievement in lessons. Each Level 1 attitude to learning score is turned into a house point.

DSC_4902 (Large)Students can also earn house points for attendance at lunch time and after school clubs. Other methods of gaining points include active participation in the Accelerated Reader Scheme, Termly inter-house sporting events and entry to house competitions.

Each term there is a variety of competitions put on the by different departments within the school in which pupils can earn points for their houses.

These can be a range of activities outside of the regular curriculum such as an outdoor activity team building day, a poetry competition, and competitions run in conjunction with local businesses such as NOVUS, to name just a few.