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At Thistley Hough Academy we seek to develop independent learners.  In order for all pupils to raise their own achievement, pupils need to practise and consolidate the skills and knowledge they acquire each day.  We believe that homework makes an important contribution to this process as pupils learn to work independently, undertake research, manage time and revise.

At Thistley Hough Academy all students will be given relevant homework from each subject.  At Key Stage 3 the minimum expectation for English, maths and science is one piece of homework weekly and for all other subjects’ one piece of homework per subject per fortnight will be set.

At Key Stage 4 the frequency of homework is increase due to the demands of courses.  The minimum expectation is one piece of homework per week for all subjects.

In order to support pupils, with homework parents and carers need to:

  • Ensure your child has the correct equipment to bring to Academy.
  • Monitor planners to confirm that your child is accurately recording and completing the homework.
  • Record concerns about homework in the planner so that teachers can then work in partnership with you to help your child gain even more from their lessons and homework.
  • Provide an environment at home conducive to studying.
  • Foster a positive attitude to homework, ensuring it is completed by your child.
  • Support the Academy, through upholding sanctions if necessary, to ensure homework is complete.