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Governance Sub-Committee Membership List 2016-17

Message from the Chair of Governors

On behalf of the Local Governing Body, I would like to welcome you to Thistley Hough Academy’s website.

Thistley Hough is rapidly gaining a reputation for its high quality and caring education.  The Government’s new measure for school effectiveness indicates that Thistley Hough is among the top schools in the country for student progress.  We are very proud of this achievement which reflects the dedication of teaching staff at the Academy, as well as the hard work of its students.

All Governors have a clear vision for the future of the Academy, and work closely with Thistley Hough’s leaders to offer a full and rounded education for all students.  Not only do we have fantastic buildings, but also a wide range of extra-curricular activities as well as exciting opportunities within the curriculum.

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of three new Governors, all of whom live in the local community and who are committed to making sure that all students at Thistley Hough have the very best opportunities.  Our new Governors are Bruce Jarvest, Michael Willis and Janet Wakefield. I look forward to working with all of them and to making the most of their expertise and enthusiasm for Thistley Hough.

Please take the time to look at the details on the website if you wish to find out more about the Academy and its Governing Body, and should you wish to make contact, please do so through Claire Holmes,   Clerk to the Governing Body – claire.holmes@thistleyhough.org.uk or come along to one of the Academy’s Open Days and see for yourself the range of opportunities open to students at Thistley Hough Academy.

Gill Howland

Chair, Thistley Hough Academy Local Governing Body

THA Governor Roles And Responsibilities

CET Governance Roles and Responsibilities 2016-17

Governance Sub-Committee Membership List 2016-17

LGB Meeting Dates 2016-17

Governor Attendance 2016-17

Pecuniary Business Interests 2016-17

LGB Code of Conduct

CET Scheme of Delegation 2016-17

The Local Governing Body (LGB) for Thistley Hough Academy:







  • Bruce Jarvest – Community Governor
  • Michael Willis – Community Governor
  • Janet Wakefield – Community Governor

There are current vacancies for community and higher education/further education.

Non Governors

  • Catherine Reid – Vice Principal
  • Jayne Schofield – Senior Assistant Principal
  • Heather Hodges – Senior Assistant Principal
  • Neil Donlan – Assistant Principal
  • Darren Sanders – Assistant Principal
  • Amanda Dennison – Assistant Principal
  • Ian Brailsford – Assistant Principal
  • Julie Evans – Operations Manager

The LGB will meet once per half term on a Wednesday evening. The Sub Committee’s will meet as follows,

  • The Academic Performance and Co-curricular Committee will meet once per half term.
  • The People and Premises Committee will meet once per half term.
  • The Behaviour Committee will meet once per term.
  • The Confidence and Community Committee will meet once per term.

The Chair of the LGB, can be contacted in writing via Mrs Claire Holmes, Clerk to the LGB.



Governors Attendance 2015-16

Pecuniary Business Interests 2015-16