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EXAMS – Student Responsibilites


  • Please click here for a list of all exams taking place at Thistley Hough Academy this summer.
  • You will be given a copy of your individual exam timetable by your form tutor and it is your responsibility to keep this timetable safe so that you don’t miss any of your exams.
  • Your timetable will confirm the time of your exams, where you must go for each exam and your seat number. Most exams take place in the sports hall.
  • If you lose your timetable there will be a seating plan and/or exam register on the exams notice board outside the main hall.
  • You will need to familiarise yourself with the JCQ ‘Instructions for Candidates’ which are in the ‘Exam Information for Candidates’ booklet.

The Exam

  • Arrive at the exam room in at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam. The times printed on your timetable are the start times for the exam. You must be seated correctly and have your exam papers in front of you before the start time.
  • Wait outside your exam room until you are allowed in. Wait in silence so that any instructions given can be heard by everyone.
  • There are numbers and letters on the wall to help you find your seat. Each desk will also have a label on it with your name, exam number (candidate number) exam paper info, exam date and time. You must sit in the correct seat to ensure that you are given the correct exam paper.
  • Do not speak or communicate with any other student whilst in the exam room. Do not distract your fellow students.
  • You are allowed a small bottle of water, but there must be no label on it.
  • All bags must be placed at the back of the sports hall or where the invigilator tells you in other rooms.


  • You will need a BLACK pen, rule and pencil for all exams.
  • You may use a calculator in an exam, unless prohibited by the exam board. You will need a scientific calculator for your maths and science exams.
  • You will need a maths set (compass & protractor) for your maths and science exams.
  • Only CLEAR pencil cases are allowed in the exam room.
  • Correction fluid (Tipp-Ex) is NOT allowed in the exam.
  • No notes or revision guides are allowed in the exam.
  • Check that you have no writing on your hands/arms before the exam.


Other information

  • If you are going to be late, ring the school as soon as you can to let us know.  If it is through no fault of your own you will still be allowed to sit the exam and will not be penalised.
  • If you are ill, it is better to try and come in and do your exam. But if you are too poorly, please let us know immediately.

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