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Pupils must arrive on time for school at 8.40am.  Form Time takes place at the start of each day when pupils will be registered.  Pupils are also registered at the start of each lesson using SIMS Lesson Monitor and incidences of truancy are identified and sanctioned accordingly with Parents/Carers always informed.

We have an Absence Answer Phone and ask that Parents/Carers dial this number to leave the details of pupils who are absent from school:

Absence Answer Phone:  01782 883505

Parents/carers must leave the following information:

  • Name of pupil
  • Name of Form Tutor
  • Name of person leaving the message
  • Reason for absence
  • Date and day of absence

If we do not receive a reason for absence, the Attendance Officer will contact home on the first day of absence to identify a reason for the absence.  Please note that if a pupil does not attend Registration but is still in school Parents/Carers will still be contacted.

Progress in education depends on good attendance at school.  It is the responsibility of Parents/Carers to ensure that their child attends school regularly and on time.  Pupils should only be absent from school if they themselves are so ill that they are unable to attend. 

A letter of explanation must be sent in after any period of absence on the first day back and handed to the Form Tutor.  If the absence is expected to be longer than two days the parents should contact the Attendance Officer to discuss this.

The school has the support of an Inclusion Manager with responsibility for Attendance who is able to assist where pupils may be experiencing difficulties with attendance.  We would like to advise Parents/Carers that persistent absenteeism could result in prosecution.

Holidays will not be approved during term time.