Do you know a Thistley Hough Academy Lockdown Legend? - Thistley Hough Academy

We’ve all been hit hard with yet another lockdown but there are some special people within our school community that have gone out of their way to make a real difference to those around them.

Maybe it’s someone who motivated you to do well or they’ve simply been there for you when you needed them most. Have you heard of someone stepping up to support those most in need during lockdown?

If you know a Thistley Hough Academy student or member of staff that has gone above and beyond during lockdown, doing anything and everything to help those around them, then we want to hear about it!

Fill out the form below and nominate them so that they can see what an amazing person they’re being!
As a reward they’ll receive a special mention in our assemblies, a certificate and the chance to win an Amazon voucher.

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