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With all the constant changes and the return of learning from home, we thought we’d share some advice to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed with managing your schoolwork and notes.
Organising your time and lessons at home is important to help you remember what you’ve learnt – it also makes future revision so much easier.
Take the time every day while you’re learning from home to sort through and organise the key knowledge and notes you’ve gained.

Here’s our top tips on making notes and staying organised with your schoolwork:

Create a timetable or planner
When it’s time to sit down and do your work, you can become easily distracted or want to go off and do something else. But setting up a timetable or planner will help you stay on track with the work you need to do while we learn from home.
Blocking out a small window of time each day will help you to easily organise your workload and make helpful notes. Plan your schoolwork for the same times you would be in school and that will help you to stay in a routine and keep time free for winding down and relaxing.

Mix it up
Sitting down for long periods of time to do the same subject isn’t good for concentration or remembering what you’ve learned. Split your time into smaller sections and mix up your schedule so your brain stays active and doesn’t work on autopilot.
When you sit down to work, break your time up into 30-minute chunks. Write notes and focus on one topic for 20-25 minutes, then have a 5-10 minute break before moving onto something else. In that break you could fetch a drink or grab a different book for your next topic. Moving away from your work for a few minutes helps your mind to concentrate and retain information.

Be visual
When you’re trying to revise or remember information, it’s best to use easy to read layouts such as mind maps or posters. Revision notes that are simple and clear can help build your subject memory.
Colours are also helpful, for example if you highlight the key information in your notes these will stand out and you’ll find it’s easier to remember them. Make sure to create revision aids you can put around the house so that you’re constantly reminded of important information – Post-It notes are best for this.

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