Anti-Bullying Week - Thistley Hough Academy

This year Anti-Bullying Week takes place between the 16th and 20th November and it’s focused on being united against bullying.

All the uncertainties and changes this year have shown us the power of uniting together to support our friends, family and communities.

Now we need to work together to battle bullying, which can have a long lasting, negative effect on those that both experience and witness it.

Unfortunately, most children will be exposed to one or the other during the school years. They may be the target of bullying, may be involved in bullying others, may stand by while others are being bullied or may take positive action to stop bullying.


What is bullying?

Bullying is where someone is deliberately and repeatedly hurt or picked on by others while finding it hard to stick up for themselves or ask for help.

Bullying can take place face-to-face or online and can be found in schools, the wider community and even at home. It could be physical bullying, emotional, verbal or a combination of all of these.

It doesn’t just have to be a one-on-one event; bullying takes place when there’s an imbalance of power and this can often mean a group of people against a smaller group or single person.

Did you know…  Social exclusion is a form of bullying. That means, when your friends leave you out on purpose to hurt your feelings, they are indirectly bullying you.


What causes bullying to happen?

It’s often found that bullying occurs when people feel superior to others or feel unsure of how to socialise.

Bullies may focus their attention on things that make their peers appear different to themselves. This could include disability, race, faith, gender, sex, sexuality, poverty, talent, skin conditions, allergies, or situations at home.

Young people are influenced by their home life, community, and the society they grow up in, by the things they see, read, and hear, and the people around them.

This means, everyone has a role to play in creating a safe community where our students can feel valued, where we stand up to prejudice and are united

against bullying.


How can you protect those being bullied?

Schools have a legal duty to prevent all forms of bullying and harassment, we have a zero tolerance policy in place at Thistley Hough and so the first thing you should do is make your teacher, form tutor or head of year aware.

Remember to stay calm and focus on the issues, what have you seen or experienced? Is it always the same people and what do they usually do/say when they approach the person they’re hurting?

Make sure you tell the staff member know as much information as you can so that they can protect and support the person being bullied.

If you need any further support or guidance on keeping yourself or someone you know safe from the effects of bullying, please ask your form tutor for advice.

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