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The autumn nights are drawing in and as we get ready for the clocks to change on 25 October, that hour difference can have a big impact on your daily schedule.

Daylight Saving Time does exactly what it says on the tin. Around 70 countries across the globe follow the same structure in changing the clocks by an hour to help us keep as many daylight hours as possible throughout the seasons.

This is because during winter we have more sunlight in the morning than we do in the evening, unlike the summer months where the nights stay sunnier for longer, all thanks to the axis the Earth rotates around in space.

Why would the clock change be an issue for you?

Well if you’re not a morning person, that slight change in time can throw your body clock out of whack. This can then cause an issue and make you feel a little sluggish so it becomes difficult when trying to head out the door on time in the morning.

We all know sleep is an important factor in helping you function throughout the day and stay healthy. So how can you make sure your routine stays on track as time shifts back an hour?

Light up your life:

Light has a big influence on your sleeping pattern. Even with your eyes closed, your brain can tell when there’s light surrounding you. When your brain registers light, it becomes a biological alarm clock letting you know it’s daytime. Opening your curtains and waking up to natural light will help your body regulate with daylight hours helping you adjust to your new sleeping routine.

And relax…

Help your body adjust for bed by winding down before it’s time to hit the hay. With the darker nights, it’s not as fun (or easy) to run around playing football at 7 o’clock at night. If you’re relaxed before bed, you’ll find it easier to slip into a deep refreshing sleep. Why not catch an episode of your favourite series, read a chapter of a great new book, or try your hand at a pre-bedtime yoga session (you can find a range of classes for beginners online).

If you need any further support or guidance on keeping yourself on track with your routine, ask your Form Tutor for advice.

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