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back to school

Heading back to school at the best of times can make you feel a lot of different emotions, but given the current circumstances you might be a little more apprehensive than usual.

It is exciting to get back and see your friends but it’s also time for you to get back into the classroom and learn new things.

Whilst you will be excited to get back and see your friends, it’s also time to get back to the classroom, however it will be a bit different for a while. Your return might seem daunting or make you anxious but, as teachers, we’re here to support you and to continue helping you build the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed.

Earlier in the Summer we sent out letters about the changes that you’d see this September.

To help meet all the health and safety requirements that’ll keep you and our community safe, we had to alter how some things happened in and around the Academy.

Here’s a recap of those changes that you can expect when you arrive back at school:

Students and social distancing

All year groups will be returning to the Academy full time from 8 September. Year 7’s will have their first day with us on Thursday 3 September, Years 8 – 11 will then be in for an induction day on 4 September, however, this won’t take all day.

To manage social distancing and government guidance, year groups will be separated across the Academy and will have staggered start and end times. You can check your Year Group information below:

Zone/Floor Year Group Start/End Times
Floor 1 Year 11 09:30 – 15:20
Floor 2 Year 8 and 9 09:00 – 14:50
Floor 3 Year 7 and 10 08:30 – 14:20

During the school day, break and lunch times will also be staggered. This will allow us to keep students in their allocated social distancing ‘bubble’. Over the summer we installed an outside serving area to ensure we can easily provide food and drink for you.

During school time, students will only be able to use the classrooms, break areas and toilets in their zone/floor. To cut down on movement, students will stay in their classroom while teachers move between classes.

It should also be made clear that during the first-half term, while everyone is getting used to the new measures, we won’t be providing breakfast club or after school provisions.

Staying Safe

Students, staff, and visitors will all need to regularly and properly wash their hands when in school. There will be consistent reminders to ensure that this happens.

We’ll be providing hand sanitiser for students to use when coming into the school or their classroom. Students will need to use sanitiser before and after break times as well.

Rooms will be kept well ventilated in line with Government advice. All classrooms, computer rooms and dining areas will be cleaned after they’ve been used.

Are you prepared?

We will be expecting all students to wear full school uniform, the Government no longer advises that clothes need to be washed any differently to normal and so this should be no issue. If you need any support or guidance on school uniform, please contact the office.

Students are expected to take responsibility for their own resources and equipment. You may need to consider buying a school bag to easily carry these resources around, it’s recommended the bag can fit A4 sized books in.

Government guidance suggests avoiding public transport where possible, it’s recommended that walking or cycling to school would be better. If you do travel on public transport you will need to wear a face covering and adhere to social distancing measures.

If you are still unsure about any of the measures in place or if you need any pastoral care support please contact the school on

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