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We’re all getting ready to head back into school in just a few weeks, but we all know school will be a little different this year. We’ll let you know of all the changes that are going to be happening but one of the main things we’re being asked about is uniform.

When you all join us again in September you will need to be wearing your school uniform. However, you must make sure that you’re taking plenty of precautions to keep your uniform clean so if any germs are on your uniform, they won’t get spread to others in the school or your family at home.

To help you understand the level of precautions we want you to take to help keep us all safe, here are some tips that UNICEF have put together:

🧼 Remove shoes as soon as you enter your home

🧼 Change into clean clothes as soon as you get home

🧼 Wash your hands with warm soap and water straight away

🧼 Wash your clothes at 60°C with detergent and make sure to dry them completely.

When you’re in school, make sure to minimise touching others as this will reduce you spreading any germs between each other. It’s also important that you keep items such as your bag or blazer away from other people’s belongings as germs can stay on these types of surfaces for longer.

If you’re worried about germs coming in and out of your home, then there are extra precautions that you can take such as antibacterial clothing sprays or using steam cleaning methods. However, clothing should be fully dried as a damp environment can encourage germs to increase in numbers.

When handling unclean uniform either wear gloves or wash your hand immediately after handling. It is also good practice to shower before changing into clean clothes to ensure you have no germs on your body.

If you need to get new uniform ready to start the new school year then Smart School Uniform is open for appointments and walk-ins or you can order online at www.smartuniform.co.uk. Smart School Uniform can be found opposite the bus station in Newcastle.

We look forward to seeing you in September and if you have any further questions or worries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school by emailing enquiries@thistleyhoughacademy.org.uk.

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