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year 6 transitions

As a student, joining us from primary means having to adapt to a new school environment. We encounter this every September and have many years’ experience in creating smooth transitions for our students.

Usually great activities such as orientation days and transition days are set up to give you the opportunity to make new friends, get to know your teachers and learn your way around the school to cut out stress on those first few days.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus has put a spanner in the works meaning no orientation days and no chance to experience the school before your September start date. Don’t worry though, we’ve put a great new plan in place to get you ready for your first day at Thistley Hough Academy.

We’ve been planning how we can prepare you for your new journey with us and we decided to take your transition period online by creating a Year 6 Transition Hub on our website. The Year 6 Transition Hub is there to help you feel supported by us and emotionally prepared for starting in September, which is what a transition period should be all about.

A one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need to get ready for secondary school, the Year 6 Transition Hub will have:

  • Go Virtual: Virtual sessions that we’ll be uploading to the Hub include Meet and Greet Sessions, School Tour and example lessons. These sessions will provide an opportunity for you to meet key staff members, learn the layout of the school and experience what a typical Thistley Hough Academy lesson will look like. This means you can ask questions, explore your way around the Academy and get to grips with the differences in secondary education.
  • Get Learning: We’ll be rolling out webinars that explain what secondary education is like and how you can prepare for this next step. We’ll also be hosting Q&A sessions with our current Year 7 students, who can tell you all about what your move to Thistley Hough will be like.
  • Get Creative: We’ve added a range of resources onto the Hub to help keep your minds active while preparing to move up to Thistley Hough Academy. One of these resources is an ‘All About Me’ pack. The pack will help your teachers to understand who you are as a person; all you need to do is fill it in and send it back over to us! Another great activity you’ll find is our challenge activity, work your way through all the challenges and then bring the completed activity in with you on your first day.

Why transition is so important

Transition is important because as you grow up and mature your body and mind start to go through a lot of changes. This means we want to make sure you’re feeling confident and happy at school so you know you can ask for any support and advice while you’re here.

The best way to do that is to give you plenty of opportunities to make friends, make sure you know who your teachers are and who you can go to for help and to make sure your teachers know who you are so they can make sure they’re helping you too.

You can explore our Transition Hub as you get ready to join us in September here.

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