Hospital work experience opens Pippa’s eyes to NHS jobs - Thistley Hough Academy

Thistley Hough Academy student Pippa Chinn had a unique chance to see life inside the doors of one of the UK’s biggest teaching hospitals after approaching the Academy careers team about her interest in becoming a doctor or nurse.

The Academy enjoys a great relationship with the University Hospital North Midlands who have supported student placements for a number of years. These are invaluable in helping young people understand the huge variety of roles and apprenticeship opportunities available within the NHS and builds their confidence and communication skills.

Pippa’s interest in helping people was sparked by BBC TV series Me Too character Dr Juno.

Pippa said: “I’d always wanted to be a nurse or a doctor and to help people and Dr Juno was sort of my idol and I wanted to be like that.

“My parents were pleased when I told them I had a placement at the hospital and the experience has been really good. thought I would be sat at a desk, but I’ve done basic life support where I got to work on a dummy and use a defibrillator as we had to imagine the patient was unconscious.

“I also did another course with the nursing assistants looking at things like vital signs and how you check those on a chart and asses how at risk a patient is.

“Now I’ve done work experience I definitely still want to go into the NHS, but now I think I need to look at different departments more before I figure out what part I want to work in because there are so many roles.”

Ian Carruthers, Head of Widening Participation at the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, said it was just this kind of awareness raising of NHS careers among young people that work experience is designed to achieve.

He said: “While Pippa’s age meant she couldn’t have patient contact yet, she has been able to experience some of the training programmes that ourclinical staff  undertake”

“Work experience placements with Thistley Hough Academy are important because these young people are our future workforce, and while they often know we employ doctors and nurses, they don’t know about all the other careers we have available.

“When Pippa first came to us she wanted to be a nurse or maybe a doctor. If she wanted to become a nurse she could either apply to university after her level three exams or apply to us to become a nursing assistant apprentice then grow her career via the Trust’s internal qualification opportunities.”

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