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Dear Parents/Carers


Standards and Behaviour Procedures


As you will know, we are constantly aiming to improve standards in the Academy.  As a result, we have been working on improving our behaviour procedures, following consultation with staff and students.


The improved procedures will be in operation from week commencing Monday 20th May, and will run as follows:


Level on ClassCharts Meaning Consequence
O OUTSTANDING work – going above and beyond throughout the lesson ·        Public recognition by the teacher

·        5 House Points added

E Meeting agreed EXPECTATIONS throughout the lesson ·        Public recognition by the teacher

·        1 House Point added.

I INTERVENTION required to address behaviour.

It is made explicit to the student that he/she is not showing respect for learning and a WARNING given about potential consequences.

·        Move seat, private conversation, basic in-class INTERVENTION by the member of staff etc.

·        Student has Level 3 recorded on class charts.



4 Despite intervention by the teacher, expectations are still not being met. ·        Student has Level 4 recorded and a 10 minute detention that evening.
5 In the teacher’s professional judgement, the class are not able to learn effectively with the student present in the room. ·        Student is removed to designated room within department.

·        Student now has a 20 minute detention that evening.


6 Despite being removed from the lesson to another designated classroom, the student is choosing not to comply OR student truants/walks out of a lesson from a lesson. ·        Student is taken to the Remove Room to reflect on their actions.

·        Student now has a 30 minute detention that evening.

7 More than one Level 5, or instances of truancy in one day ·        Student has now accumulated a 60 minute detention that evening for this lesson

·        Further action taken by the Academy to support behaviour improvements.


As you will see, the system is very clear and we expect it to lead to a consistent approach to classroom behaviour.


Detentions will all take place on the day that they are set so that students will see an immediate consequence to their actions; parents will receive notification of detentions through ClassCharts.  Any detention issued will always be the result of a student choosing to disrupt learning, despite warnings and intervention having taken place.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support for improving standards at Thistley Hough Academy.


With best wishes





Ian Brailsford

Vice Principal

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