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Dear Parent/Carer

Information and Expectations

I write to remind you that the Academy will close for the half term break at 3:15pm on Friday 15th February and will reopen on Monday 25th February. Students must be in school by 8.40am ready for a prompt start to lessons at 8.45am. Correct full academy uniform is essential and all students must have all necessary basic equipment. Full information regarding both uniform and basic equipment can be found overleaf, or on the Academy website at

Please note that the Academy will remain open to some Year 11 students during half term in order to assist with their revision for the start of their upcoming GCSE Examinations in May. Your child will be aware should they need to be in school for any of these revision sessions during the half term break.

To ensure a smooth start to the new half term, I wish to remind all parents, carers and students of the basic expectations at the Academy:

  • Punctuality to school is vital. All students are expected to arrive to school on time every day. The student entrance (Newcastle Lane entrance) is open from 8:15am. All students should be in school by 8:40am, and in classrooms by 8:45am.
  • All students should have departed the Academy site by 4:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00pm on Wednesdays and 4:00pm each Friday. Please note that students should only remain on site after the normal end time of 3:15pm, or 2pm on Wednesdays, if they are taking part in any afterschool clubs or activities.
  • All students are expected to be in full academy uniform every day. Full uniform expectations and further details can be seen overleaf. Please note that a plain grey jumper is now compulsory for all students in Years 7 – 9.
  • All students should arrive to school with the basic equipment to assist their learning. Please see the list of the basic equipment requirements overleaf.
  • The use of mobile phones or headphones is not permitted on the Academy site. Use of such items will lead to confiscation.

Attendance and punctuality to school are vital to student success at every level in education. There is a clear correlation between student attendance and progress. As such, as ever, attendance is a key priority at Thistley Hough Academy. This term is particularly crucial for our Year 11 students as they head into the final weeks before the GCSE Examinations begin. As a school community as a whole, we will be supporting and guiding them to ensure every success for them in the future.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support; it is very much appreciated.


Yours sincerely


Jayne Schofield

Acting Principal



Academy uniform

  • Purple blazer with school badge
  • Plain white shirt with stiff collar and a top button
  • Plain grey jumper (Years 7 – 9 compulsory, Years 10 – 11 optional)
  • School tie – this must be clean and free of graffiti
  • Grey school trousers (not leggings, tight fitted trousers or jeans)
  • Grey ‘A’ line school skirt – knee length (tight fitted skirts are not acceptable). Skirts must not be rolled up at the waist.
  • A plain grey or purple Dupatta may be worn (tassels and embroidery are not acceptable). Headscarves must be plain grey.
  • Plain black tights or black or white ankle socks.
  • Plain black leather/leather looking shoes (not platforms, boots, trainers or any sports/fashion branded footwear. Canvas shoes or pumps are not allowed). Ankle boots may be worn under trousers, but are not allowed with a skirt.



In addition we would like to draw your attention to the following:


  • Students are required to attend school with a hairstyle appropriate to the uniform policy. Hair colour should look a natural colour, so there should be no noticeably dyed hair or extreme styles.
  • Facial piercings and tattoos are not allowed.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Hooded tops and fashion jumpers are not permitted.
  • Blazers must be worn at all times unless permission is given in lesson by the class teacher.
  • Coats are not to be worn inside the main building.





Basic Equipment:

Students need to be prepared for learning by attending the Academy with the correct basic equipment. This ensures that lessons can begin swiftly and without delay. As such, students are required to bring the following equipment:

  1. School Bag
  2. Black or blue ballpoint pen
  3. Pencil
  4. Ruler
  5. Rubber
  6. Pencil sharpener
  7. Reading book


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