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Dear Parents/Carers

Joint Response to Gangs and Youth Violence

You will be aware of the significant issues currently reported in the national press regarding gangs, violence and knife crime amongst young people. Whilst most issues reported concern stories in and around London and the larger cities it is true that our area is also affected.

We write to you jointly to share our concerns so that we may work together to better educate and safeguard our young people.

Over recent times our area has seen an increase in:

  • Gang related violence
  • Illegal drug activity (and the involvement of young people in the supply of drugs)

We do not wish to cause alarm in the community, after all the overwhelming majority of young people will never be affected by these issues. However, this is not the case for some. Some peoples’ lives will be devastated; either as a victim or by making a poor decision that will change their future irreversibly.

Together a range of partners from across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire are working to tackle these critical issues.  Secondary schools from across the city have pledged to work together in a joint effort to support all young people.  A range of activities have been planned for delivery from September 2018. Please do discuss these with your son/daughter when they mention them to you.  Education is critical to help young people to make the right decisions.

In addition, Matthew Ellis, the Police and Crime Commissioner, is also working with all agencies to better tackle these issues across our area.

If you are concerned that your child, or a young person you know, is affected by any of these issues, please contact one of the following for support:

  • Contact your child’s school and ask to speak to the safeguarding lead
  • Telephone the police non-emergency number – 101
  • Telephone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111



No one school in Stoke-on-Trent is more or less affected by these problems.  It concerns us all.    We write to you jointly to highlight our concerns and to ensure that we all work together.  It is critical that the message is spread far and wide from within the home, to schools, to all agencies who work with young people.

Together, and with your support, we canmake a difference.



Andy Stanier

Chair – SASCAL








Matthew Ellis

Police & Crime Commissioner



Superintendent Ricky Fields

Head of Operations



Randolph Conteh

Cabinet Member for Housing, communities & Safer City


Jack Brereton MP

Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent South



Gareth Snell MP

Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Central





Ruth Smeeth MP


Ruth Smeeth MP

Member of Parliament for


North and Kidsgrove

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