Month: April 2018

Weekly Newsletter – Attendance and Punctuality

Dear Parent/Carer

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality to school are crucial to student success at every level in education. There is a clear correlation between student attendance and progress. As such, as ever, attendance is a key priority at Thistley Hough Academy.

‘Good’ attendance is that that exceeds 96%.Attendance that falls below this threshold results in the Academy taking action. This includes: home visits from the Attendance Officer and Attendance Improvement Officer, and possible referral to the Educational Welfare Service. The penalty for non-attendance can be up to £2500, or a custodial sentence.

The Academy expectation is that students are in school by 8.40am.Therefore, those students who enter the Academy after this time are deemed late and as such will be placed in a break time detention on the day they are late.  Any student who is late two or more times in a week and/or fails to attend break detention will be automatically placed into Senior Leadership Team (SLT) detention for half an hour after school.

It is to be noted that the Academy will not permit any student to take holidays within term time.Should this occur, absence will be deemed unauthorised and may result in referral to the Education Welfare Service. This year has seen rapid improvement in attendance, with thanks to the collaborative approach between the Academy, students and parent/carers.

We recognise that there may be times when your child is facing difficulties attending school, or further advice is needed. For any support or further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact the Attendance Officer, Miss Jo Huxley on 01782 883500.

We look forward to your support in driving improved attendance and academic results for your child.


Yours sincerely


Holly Hartley