Weekly Newsletter- Attendance – Broken Weeks

Dear Parent/Carer


Attendance – Broken Weeks


At Thistley Hough Academy we are constantly striving to enable all our students to achieve their full potential.


Attendance is considered to be of such fundamental importance to a child’s education that when Ofsted inspect a school they look closely at levels of attendance and benchmark the school against national indicators.


Last year national average attendance for secondary age students was just below 95%. We aim to ensure that all students have 96% attendance as an absolute minimum, and actively encourage all students to aim for 100%.  Attendance of 96% allows for 7.5 day’s absence in any one year, a level of absence that would raise concern with most employers.


As sickness usually occurs in blocks over a continuous period we look closely at the number of weeks where a student is marked absent on one or more occasions. Students should not have more than one or two broken weeks in the course of the academic year.


It is possible for students with attendance above 95%, but who regularly miss a day here or there, to accrue sufficient absences by the end of summer, to finish with attendance well below the national average. For example, a student who takes 2 days off every half term would have 12 days absence by the end of the school year and attendance below 94%.


Broken weeks can lead to large amounts of learning being lost and ‘gaps’; but can also be an indication of other worries such as struggling in a subject, regularly not completing homework or even truancy.


If we become concerned about the number of broken weeks, even if attendance appears to be above average, we will write to you letting you know the number of broken weeks your child has accrued and offer the opportunity to discuss ways in which the Academy may be able to improve the pattern of attendance. Progress Leaders will be writing individually in the next couple of weeks. Notwithstanding, if having read this letter you have noticed a pattern, or have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy’s Attendance Officer straight away.


Yours sincerely

P Hughes

Mr P Hughes

Assistant Principal – Inclusion

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