Weekly Newsletter – Road Safety on Thistley Hough

Dear Parents/Carers

Re: Road Safety on Thistley Hough

On the second day of the term, I feel compelled to write to you again to express my very grave concerns with regards to parking on Thistley Hough.

Yesterday, on the first day of term for students yesterday, I was informed by a local resident that a minor collision had occurred as a result of congestion and parking on Thistley Hough. Thankfully nobody was injured in this incident, however a number of local residents report that they were verbally abused by the parent/carer involved in the collision. Clearly this is not acceptable behaviour, and I am greatly saddened that the Academy is being represented in this way.

On numerous occasions we have written out to parents/cares to implore them to use the lower car park and drop-off zone. There is ample space in this area in which students can be dropped off and safely picked up. I would urge you again to ensure that you use this facility if it is necessary to drop-off/collect your children in your vehicle. Thistley Hough is simply not large enough to cope with the volume of traffic and the number of parents/carers dropping off and collecting their children on this road. Myself and the governing body remain deeply concerned of the serious health and safety risks posed by such large volumes of traffic on this road. This risk can be dramatically reduced by parents/carers using the lower car park.

As I am sure you are aware there is a pedestrian crossing for the use of students on Thistley Hough itself. On a daily basis, parents/carers and taxi drivers continue to park on this pedestrian crossing. I often ask drivers to move their vehicles when parked illegally on this crossing. As a result of yesterday’s incident and our continued concerns for student safety, I will now be photographing all registration plates and taxi licence plates and forwarding them on to the relevant authorities in the hope that this leads to changes in behaviour in order to positively impact on student safety.

In addition, next week I will be meeting again with local residents to discuss their concerns in order to see if any further action can be taken. We continue to work with the local council, cabinet members and other relevant stakeholders to continue to drive improvements to student safety around the roads to and from our academy. Clearly parental/carer support in this matter is vital. For the majority of parents/carers who park responsibly on the lower car park, I wish to thank you for your support in this matter.

I am frustrated that this issue is ongoing. Please be assured that our absolute priority is the health, safety and well-being of your children.

Yours sincerely


Holly Hartley


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